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When you purchase a

SpinnKnittyYarn Station


You can use small, medium and large yarn

Works with ball, oval, cake and cone yarn shape with cardboard insert


Available colors:

Magenta for HOPE


After several years of going to long appointments, school functions, kid's practices, sport events, doctors' appointments, hospitals, you name it, and waiting for many minutes or hours at times, anxiety is increasing while waiting. There should be something fun to do besides our phones while waiting!

SpinnKnitty was invented because during knitting or crochet classes for both youth and adults, they often become frustrated with yarn getting stuck on the couch, falling off the table or rolling down the floor, which can make the process less enjoyable. SpinnKnitty was created to make the process of pulling yarn less stressful and enjoyable. 

  • Now here's SpinnKnitty Yarn Station with multifunctional uses!
  • SpinnKnitty turns as you crochet or knit at your own pace
  • Do you know you can crochet or knit 2 to 5 feet away from your station with SpinnKnitty?
  • No more chasing the yarn, yarn stays in place
  • Crochet or knit in your lounge chair or laying down on your sofa
  • It stores your needles, and reading glasses  


Great for gift giving idea for





Mother's Day

Father's Day


Share it with your neighbors

It's great for crochet and knitting groups

Church group & Youth group

Great for beginners, intermediate and advance 


Spinn Me Knittly by - SpinnKnitty