How does SpinnKnitty Yarn Station work:
SpinnKnitty is designed to retrieve yarn at your side or in front of your table one foot away or more. After assembling your SpinnKnitty Yarn Station, just pick your chosen yarn and knit or crochet away, Adjust or loosen yarn if needed for better use, have fun!

How is the SpinnKnitty Yarn Station different from the others? 
There is only one multi-functional yarn station on the market
– It turns at your own pace
– Offers interchangeable tubes
– Ability to control the yarn
– Functions as a placeholder to hold your needles
– Provides a manual wind and unwind capability
– The base has suction cup feet that provide stability
– Durable and Portable, you can take it anywhere!

Assembly Steps
– Place the assembled base in the desired location
– Place spin disk (small or large) on top of the base
– Place the yarn rod (pointy rod) onto the small or large spin disk knob, and ensure that it’s tight. Using a quarter-turn pressing motion helps ensure proper seating.
– Yarn rod (pointy rod) is used for small cavity ball, cake, and cone yarns
– Hollow rod is for large cavity mouth yarns

Do you need to re-wind the yarn before inserting it in the SpinnKnitty Yarn Station?
No, it is preferred you do not re-wind the ball of yarn before inserting it in the SpinnKnitty Yarn Station

What size yarn should I use?
Small and up to 2 pounds ball shape and size yarn.

What is the best yarn shape to use on the SpinnKnitty Yarn Station?
The Yarn Station will work on a variety of yarn shapes.  It works well if the yarn is shaped in oval or ball.
* Hank, folded hank, twisted hank, skein, will not work, they need to be wound in a ball to work.

Does SpinnKnitty sell yarn?

Why is the SpinnKnitty Yarn Station stress-free?
The SpinnKnitty Yarn Station is designed to minimize the need to pick up rolling yarn or deal with yarn falling off the couch. Yarn will stay on the Yarn Station.  The Yarn Station will turn at your own pace controlled by your fingers or hand.

Does SpinnKnitty Yarn Station have a return policy?
Yes, please see the Return Policy

If I have questions, what is the best way to contact SpinnKnitty?
Please submit questions or comments to: SpinnKnitty.CustomerService@gmail.com

For orders being shipped to California, visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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