I understand more and more why this was made, and why this is needed. It made my project easy to finish. No time waisted on pulling yarn

Jenny R -

This is awesome, can’t wait to get one for my sister and nieces.

Laurie P -

Yarn station is one of a kind. I can't wait to get more and put it in every room. I have 2 living rooms 1 in kitchen table and my bedroom. I can knit or crochet projects everywhere I sit down.

Sita K -

This is so much better than just a yarn and needles. Turntable turns so well I can have more yarn or less yarn by my control of my fingers or my hand. No problem on tension at all.

Gigi B -

I really like this, it looks very nice, I wish they made this a long time ago. I like the idea that it can do multiple yarn, and cone yarn. I recommend it.

G. A -

I was curious about the tension at first, but using it I don’t find a problem. The rotating disk does the job. Made my knitting really easy and I can rest my project in the needle holder and for some reason made me happy too.

Ann B -

I’m sold!  When it says multifunctional system this is what I need. I’ve been waiting for something like this. I have been crocheting like crazy now. Not worrying about yarn falling or rolling off of my table. Thumbs up

Cristie M -

Very easy to use, it works! My yarn stays, very happy that I can put my needle in the hollow rod. My daughter loves it. I need to buy more for Christmas presents to you know who ...

Linda M -

I just realized that when using SpinnKnitty my projects are done faster because I'm not wasting time pulling and untangling my yarn.

Spinn Me Knittly by - SpinnKnitty